Bladderball was suspiciously absent from campus this weekend. Though the raucous game traditionally takes place the Saturday that Yale football takes on Dartmouth, the giant multi-colored ball was nowhere to be found. Parents’ Weekend, maybe?

Despite telling WEEKEND he does not have any funny Yale jokes, Michael Ian Black had a piece of advice for Yalies during the Fall Show: don’t say you went to school in New Haven. Just say you went to Yale. After the show Black tweeted: “Back from Yale. Good show, but a notable lack of undergrad billionaires.”

Mystère et boules de gomme! Yale will host the 25th anniversary celebration of French in Action, the Yale-created interactive method of learning French. The actors who played the beloved lovebird protagonists Mireille and Robert will be on campus. Pierre Capretz, the Yale professor who created the method will also be in attendance.

Yale isn’t the only university looking to build new residential colleges. The new “housing model” at Duke University is suspiciously similar to Yale’s residential college system. It aims to equalize Duke’s dormitory system as the student body would be divided into “houses,” in which students live for all four years as undergraduates.

Declaration of Branford Independence? The gate between Branford and Saybrook was locked shut Saturday during Branford Independence Day. A sign on the gate read that the college seceded from “Yale and the eleven lesser colleges.” It added that the gates would remain locked until “an open-border treaty is ratified.” (The treaty was set to be ratified Sunday).

Rules of The Game. Harvard has released its rules for the Harvard-Yale Game, set to be held in Cambridge on Nov. 20. No kegs are allowed, tailgates cannot begin more than two hours before the game and they must end when the game starts at 12 p.m.

Silliman students are now allowed to play frisbee. After some weeds found their way onto the Silliman courtyard over the summer students were not allowed to walk on the grass. Master Judith Krauss sent an e-mail to Sillimanders saying the college has removed the barriers, adding, “Please be gentle with her through the weekend — she’s not quite ready for a full-out game of soccer or football.”


1946 The Record presented the American Humor Award of 1946 to S.J. Perelman and Ogden Nash. Present at the dinner were “20 free-loader Owl fledglings and two curious News men.”