Not sure if you have a Letters to the Editor section (we call ours Wespeaks), but if you do, feel free to print this.

I am a student at Wesleyan University and I would like to correct an error in the article “Is Yale ready FOURLOKO” that was published on Friday, Oct. 1. While I am sure there are students at Wesleyan who enjoy the beverage Four Loko, it is most certainly not the norm to rate parties based on “how ‘loko’ they are.” In fact, until last week, I did not even know what Four Loko was. I am aware of one party that was ironically (note, ironically) themed “Four Loko” this past weekend but I’m sure that most students here have never even tasted a Four Loko. While Chase Niesner’s friends might enjoy the “nasty nectar,” I guarantee that the vast majority of Wesleyan students do not.

Katherine Yagle

Middletown, Conn.

Oct. 3

The writer is a sophomore at Wesleyan University