A New Haven Fire Department Emergency Medical Services truck almost crashed into a white Dodge Caravan driving at the intersection of Chapel and Park streets at about 11 p.m. Wednesday, an eyewitness said. To avoid the collision, both vehicles swerved in different directions; the truck crashed into a tree, while the white car collided with a street pole.

The Harvard Crimson has expressed sympathy for the Yale community in light of the police raid at Elevate last weekend. While somewhat reluctant to render support for their “dear friends at Yale,” the Crimson staff voiced concerns for the students affected by the raid and urged the New Haven Police Department to get its act together.

Shelly Kagan is getting big in China, according to an article in the Yale Daily Bulletin Wednesday. Thanks to the magic of Open Yale, students across China have begun following lectures from his “Death” class almost obsessively, giving him a sort of cult status throughout the country.

Yale men lack scruff. Research by the makers of Schick Hydro razors found that Yale is the fourth most clean-shaven college in the nation with an estimated 83.5 percent of male undergrads lacking scruff. Our rivals up north, though, came in second to last with only 29.5 percent of Cantab guys sporting a smooth face, barely edging out Rutgers (29.1 percent).

Nuts. A student allergic to peanuts ate some tofu in the Silliman dining hall yesterday, only to find that, you guessed it, the tofu was made with peanuts. Peanuts were not listed in the ingredients. The student went into anaphylactic shock and was taken to the hospital. The student was given a shot of adrenaline and medication and released later that day. A dining hall worker confirmed to the student that the food she ate had peanuts in it. “Sorry!” the worker said, as the student went into shock.

Chabaso Bakery, the New Haven Bakery of Atticus Bookstore Café fame was named the “Best Bread” in Connecticut Magazine’s “Best of Connecticut 2010” feature, according to a press release.

Batter up. Ron Darling ’82 is broadcasting the baseball postseason on TBS, according to the New York Times. Darling, who played for the Mets, is covering the American League Championship Series, the Times reported.


1963 The Yale-in-China Association announced that it is looking for two seniors to teach English and help run extra-curricular activities in Hong Kong.

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