As new developments come forth amid the aftermath of Saturday’s raid at Club Elevate, some of Yale’s peer institutions have raised their concerns and opinions regarding the bust. The Harvard Crimson was no exception, and on Wednesday, the Daily Pennsylvanian also chimed in with an article that attempted to contextualize the incident within the setting of the University of Pennsylvania.

Despite the ongoing New Haven Police Department investigation to determine the actual events that went down at Elevate, the article quotes Penn’s Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush saying Penn students would not be subject to “targeted” alcohol raids.

“We opt for education,” she said. The reporter later goes on to specify that “targeting underage drinking through raids is unlikely to occur at Penn.”

Operation Pressure Point, a similar city-wide program to the New Haven’s Operation Nightlife, is currently being carried out by the Philadelphia Police Department in order to reduce crime rates and curb underage drinking. Lieutenant Frank Vanore of the PPD told the Daily Pennsylvanian that while underage drinking is one of their main concerns, the primary targets of bar checks are club owners, and not patrons.

Vanore added that the PPD has not received any complaints about excessive police force being used when implementing bar checks and Operation Pressure Point.