Traditional myths describe dashing, handsome, intelligent men as heroes, complete with their strong muscles, cat-like reflexes and thick facial hair to match. We can all agree that this is an accurate description of the average Yale man, with one minor exception: the beard.

Research by the makers of Schick Hydro razors found that Yale is the fourth most clean-shaven college in the nation with an estimated 83.5 percent of male undergrads lacking scruff. Topping the list are Texas Tech (98 percent), James Madison (96.5 percent), and the University of Virginia (84 percent).

Our rivals up north, though, came in second to last with only 29.5 percent of Cantab guys sporting a smooth face, barely edging out Rutgers (29.1 percent).

What does all this mean? A national research poll by StrategyOne found that men who shave daily are happier, more outgoing and more social than men who shave less, and have twice as much sex per month with partners reported as more attractive. Clean-shaven guys are also twice as likely to be employed and much less likely to live with their parents.

Still wondering why you chose Yale?