Get tested? No. Get tasered. New posters on several bulletin boards around campus display the slogan “Get tasered,” a reference to the weekend’s raid at Elevate. Rumor has it the Pundits are involved.

In his “U.S. Lesbian and Gay History” lecture Tuesday, George Chauncey ‘77 GRD ‘89 drew parallels between the early Saturday morning raid of the Morse-Stiles screw at Elevate Lounge and the raids of gay and lesbian bars throughout the mid-20th century.

Salad loyalists rejoice! A flyer posted in Silliman Dining Hall says salad bars will now “feature two prepared salads and some traditional, make-your-own salad bar options.” Additionally, salad bars will now have a greater selection of salad dressings freshly made by dining hall staff.

Is Yale getting lucky? Yale was ranked the (unlucky) number 13 out of 141 schools in the Trojan Sexual Health Report Card. It’s not so bad, but we were still beat by four other Ivy League schools: Columbia (ranked at number 1), Brown, Princeton and Cornell. Harvard is pitifully 16th.

Froyoworld watch out: Pinkberry might be coming to New Haven. The chain is opening its first Connecticut location next week in Fairfield, but the store’s publicist wrote in an e-mail to the News that “Pinkberry will be expanding into other Southern CT towns over the next year and New Haven will most likely be on the horizon.”

We may have Tony Blair and Stanley McChrystal, but Brown is getting Wyclef Jean.The Associated Press reported that the would-be Haitian presidential candidate/hip hop star will be a visiting fellow in the university’s Department of Africana Studies this school year.

An undergraduate was the victim of an attempted robbery Tuesday around 2:20 p.m., according to an e-mail from from Yale Police Department Assistant Police Chief Ronnell Higgins. The man demanded the student’s purse. She ran away.

Before the Wednesday night dance party Toad’s Place is hosting the “Air Sex Championships.” No, this is not the joke issue.

Yale’s shuttle buses are lightening up. The biodiesel buses are getting lighter wheels through a gift from Alcoa, the Office of Public Affairs & Communications announced in a press release Tuesday.


1959 Six faculty members informally discussed disarmament in Trumbull.