In an interview with the News Wednesday night, Yale College Dean Mary Miller said 12 residential college seminars will be offered in the spring semester on the recommendation of the college seminar review committee.

“The courses to be offered will all be repeats of courses that have previously been successful in the colleges and in the programs,” Miller said, adding that the committee, headed by English professor and former Berkeley College dean John Rogers, will formulate an implementation plan for the seminars later this week.

More details about which colleges will sponsor the seminars and whether they will be dispersed evenly across the 12 colleges will be available later this week, Miller said.

The future of college seminars was cast into doubt this summer, when administrators first announced plans to review the program in mid-July. The college seminar program stopped accepting applications from professors to teach future seminars.

Miller said in August that the decision to offer seminars in the spring would be the first task to fall to the review committee.