Salad loyalists rejoice! A flyer posted in Silliman Dining Hall says salad bars will now “feature two prepared salads and some traditional, make-your-own salad bar options.” Additionally, salad bars will now have a greater selection of salad dressings freshly made by dining hall staff.

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The changes were made by Yale Dining in response to students’ concerns about recent changes to some of the dining hall salad bars, which have included more prepared salads while taking away some options for toppings and dressings.

The Yale College Council also announced these changes in its e-mail newsletter today as a part of a new weekly section called the “Yale Dining Nook.” According to the newsletter, the weekly update is intended to “bring students and Yale Dining closer together.”

Yale Dining piloted the new salad bar options in Commons, Morse, Berkeley, Jonathan Edwards, Silliman, and Timothy Dwight colleges.