No, it’s not a Yale College Council campaign ad. It isn’t a flyer asking you to go trayless either. Instead, new posters on several bulletin boards around campus display the slogan “Get tasered.”

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The signs are a nod to the prominent Sex Week at Yale campaign that encouraged students to get tested for sexually transmitted infections, with several students brandishing a sign with the words “I did.”

Underneath the slogan the fine print of the poster reads: “Call now to make an appointment for free and widely publicized tasering at Elevate or look out for our off campus locations during Operation Nightlife.”

But at least one of the students in the new posters — which appear to be retouched versions of the original ads — did not give his consent. When interviewed, Conner Youngblood ’12 (above) said he did not know an ad with his picture was posted near the Branford Dining Hall.

“I would rather they have asked me first,” he said. “I guess they just thought I looked really good.”

Youngblood said he had no idea who might have pulled the stunt, and so far, no campus organization has come forward claiming responsibility.