Students aren’t the only ones crying foul over the raid at Morse-Stiles screw early Saturday morning at Elevate Lounge — the nightclub’s owners, too, are alleging police officers used excessive force, and are now gearing up to take legal action.

The attorney for Alchemy Nightclub (the umbrella company that operates Elevate), John Carta, said in a phone interview Monday that the force used at the raid was extreme.

“It was just an absolute nightmare,” Carta said. “It was an absolutely unprovoked and uncalled-for nightmare.”

Though Carta himself was not present during the raid, he said that multiple interviews with the club’s owner have indicated that the police used immoderate force throughout the raid. In his 15 years representing Alchemy, Carta said, he has never heard of police exercising such force in what should be routine, “civilized” raids.

Carta said the brother of one of the club’s former owners, a man now in his 40s who was present during the raid, was shoved and thrown to the floor by police officers without rationale. Carta said he plans to notify the city this week about a pending lawsuit related to the raid, but declined to comment on specifics of said suit.

“There’s been a movement to make [downtown] safer, but if you’re doing that at the expense of people’s civil liberties, not only is it outrageous, it’s illegal,” Carta said.