Yale College Dean Mary Miller, in an e-mail to students Sunday evening, made clear that the University is on board with any forthcoming investigation into the conduct of New Haven police officers during the raid on the Morse-Stiles screw at Elevate Lounge early Saturday morning.

The e-mail comes after a meeting tonight between college masters and deans and top administrators, including University President Richard Levin, to discuss the University’s continuing response to claims that police officers used excessive force during the raid.

“I think it’s important for students to know that this being taken seriously by the University,” Miller said in a phone interview Sunday night.

Read the full text of Miller’s e-mail below.

To Students in Yale College:

President Levin and I met tonight with the Masters and Deans of the colleges whose students were most involved in Friday night’s incident on Crown Street. The Secretary, Associate General Counsel and other senior administrators joined us to review the situation and to decide on next steps. Marichal Gentry, Dean of Student Affairs, was assigned to be the lead liaison with Denise Blanchard, Captain of Internal Affairs of the New Haven Police Department, who will be overseeing the process which may lead to a formal investigation.

Dean Gentry will be reaching out to the Captain tomorrow to underscore that the University stands ready to assist in every way possible to advance an investigation. We will make space available on campus if that is desired and will facilitate the scheduling of any interviews needed by New Haven Police’s Internal Affairs unit.

The fact that criminal charges are pending against several Yale students needs to be factored into the timing of University processes since we would not want inadvertently to interfere with the legal defense of those students. We will be developing a memorandum to address some of the issues raised by students, such as whether students should have had the right to use their cell phones while a police action is being conducted.

We know that many students have experienced a very disturbing event. We have heard their voices, and we are committed to pursuing an appropriate resolution of the issues.

Yours truly,

Mary Miller

Dean of Yale College