At this week’s residential college council meetings, event planning was in full force.

The Branford College Council discussed a possible inter-college event with neighboring Saybrook, perhaps a “neighbor dance.”

Such neighborly dancing will more definitely take place this Friday between Ezra Stiles and Morse Colleges, which are hosting a joint screw, the first of the season.

Also on the agenda in Stiles was the idea of installing a large bulletin board in the courtyard to help advertise the college’s events.

Davenport College courtyard may not have plans for another flyer board, but it will feature a brand new hammock, according to the college council’s meeting minutes. Perhaps Davenport underclassmen can relocate there, as upperclassmen took the opportunity at Monday night’s meeting to remind young gnomes to stay away from the junior and senior tables in the dining hall. “Don’t sit there if you’re not one of them,” warned the council’s meeting minutes.

While some D’porters may be avoiding parts of their dining hall, studious Trumbull College students may be ready to spend even more time in their own, as the Trumbull College Council discussed opening the dining hall up during after-dinner study hours. The main focus of the meeting was the Rumble in Trumbull, which goes up this Saturday from 1-5 p.m. and will feature all sorts of fun things such as gladiator fights, face painting and pie eating. And if they’re still hungry, the college also briefly discussed buying a popcorn machine.

In the meantime, they and the other colleges will have to rely on store-bought popcorn. To help them get it, the Yale College Council representatives told Branford College Council members that the YCC is debating adding a stop at Wal-Mart to the shuttle that currently takes students to Stop & Shop and back. The YCC is also considering moving shuttle operation from Thursday night to Saturday, when more students have time for groceries.