Everyone’s favorite English Ph.D candidate is at it again. James Franco GRD ’16 (it still gives us the greatest pleasure to write that year in), talked with New York magazine’s Vulture blog about his favorite poems.

The piece gives us insight into two things. The first? Franco’s personal taste. C.K. Williams! Frank O’Hara! Allen Ginsberg (who he plays in the movie Howl)! Louise Glück (Yale)!

The second? How James Franco might be as a T.A. Check out his analysis of the C.K. Williams:

“Look at the blurring between the past and the present as the speakers look back on memories. The physicality of the scenes and the specificity gives them direct power, the W.C. Williams idea of “no ideas but in things.” But this is complicated here because the speakers are tying up these concrete memories with their musings. The past infects the present, and in the poems, the two time frames are blurred on an emotional plane. He uses an incredibly long line in all the poems in this collection, which gives a sense of spoken speech, but he turns the poem on incredibly sharp description.”

Okay, not-quite-but-maybe-soon Prof. Franco.