Timothy Dwight College students woke this morning to the news that their dean, John Loge, was involved in a serious car accident Wednesday night.

According to e-mails sent by the college’s master, Jeffrey Brenzel, Loge was hit by a car just before 11 p.m. while crossing Union Avenue in front of Union Station. Brenzel said Loge is in a stable condition, but suffered multiple fractures in his lower right leg, a complicated fracture in his upper right arm, and extensive bruising.

Loge will be in surgery until at least 4 p.m. to treat his fractures, Brenzel said. Doctors have confirmed that Loge suffered no head trauma from the accident.

“I do not know how long Dean Loge will be in the hospital as yet,” Brenzel said. “But I feel confident after talking to his doctors and surgeons this morning that he will be back among us reasonably soon if all goes well with the surgeries today. Clearly he will be here at least a couple of days, maybe a couple more than that.”

Loge’s brother-in-law, who Loge was picking up from the station, was also hit by the car and is in a similar condition.

According to New Haven Police Department spokesman Joseph Avery, circumstances suggest that Loge and his brother-in-law were at fault in the collision.

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