In this, the third edition of the weekly diary of residential college councils, things go missing.

In Branford College, it was shelves. They were supposed to be used to hold donated items for students to take as a part of Branford’s “Eli Exchange” program; but someone took the shelves themselves. The college’s STEP coordinators, who sponsor the Eli Exchange, asked students to keep an eye out.

Ezra Stiles College students, for their part, were concerned about their disappearing salads. During their college council’s weekly meeting, students discussed the “weak” communication between Yale Dining and students, which the meeting’s minutes said is evidenced by students’ “passionate support of or opposition to menu changes, particular in the name of sustainability.” The minutes cited the elimination of chicken tenders and lamb burgers as examples of unpopular menu changes.

Timothy Dwight students debated their own food dilemma during Monday’s council meeting. Suggestions for the theme of an upcoming study break included a “hunter-gatherer study break,” in which students would go to East Rock Park to pick their own food. Looking farther still, another idea floated was to bring food from the nearest Chipotle, in West Hartford. Ultimately, the members opted to stay local: chicken and biscuits from Popeye’s.

Silliman students, meanwhile, were focused on cutting down consumption — of alcohol. Looking toward next month’s Safety Dance, the Silliman College Council discussed how to treat the annual event’s drinking problem, after at least eight students needed medical attention during last year’s ’80s party. Ideas suggested ranged from charging intoxicated students much higher ticket prices to enter after midnight to closing entry altogether at midnight. The event is expected to cost more this year as Silliman plans to hire additional police personnel — one of whom was specifically requested for this year by the DJ.

Speaking of additions, Davenport College Council members discussed important issues such as acquiring a three-hole punch for the computer cluster. During the council’s Monday meeting, some members were also interested in staining the courtyard’s newly acquired teak furniture, until they learned that teak cannot be stained.