Thirty-six hours after Sunday’s shoot-out on College Street, Yale Police Assistant Chief Ronnell Higgins sent a campus-wide e-mail alerting the Yale community to the incident and urging students to use caution in the Crown Street area. On Sunday, the administrator in charge of campus security told the News that the University did not plan to send an e-mail about the incident because it did not occur on University property or involve University affiliates.

But visitors to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions weren’t able to read about that, unless they knew to ask for a copy of the News, usually available at the office. Monday’s issue, which featured two articles on Sunday’s gunfight, was pulled from the shelf, which a receptionist said can happen at the discretion of the dean or assistant dean.

The Admissions Office also sent out e-mails Monday reminding students of the deadline to become student ambassadors. Alas, in some e-mails, the office forgot to check where the students were from, wrongly telling them to “be a proud representative” of … the wrong state.

A room of one’s own. The window shades in the newly renovated Morse College bedrooms are being replaced this week, Morse Master’s secretary Mary Powers wrote in an e-mail Monday, after students have reported being able to see in through the windows when the shades are down.

“Mother Nature insists,” Silliman Master Judith Krauss wrote in an e-mail to Silliman students, asking them to stay off the grass for three weeks. Since crab grass took over the Silliman courtyard this summer, the lawns need to be aerated and reseeded, she said.

Yalies for Sanity and Truthiness. Matthew Shafer ’13 mass e-mailed Yale Political Union members Monday inviting students to join Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in their Glenn Beck-inspired faux political rallies in Washington, D.C., next month.

Along with its entry in the CBS Hawaii Five-O contest, the YPMB has been asked to appear on The Early Show on Monday. Students can vote online for the band’s rendition of the Hawaii Five-O theme song. The winning college marching band takes home $25,000.


1946 In front of 350 prospective Yale Political Union members, history professor John Marsalka praises Secretary of Commerce Henry Wallace for advocating an independent foreign policy.

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