The Saybrook intruder was… a Saybrook student.

In an e-mail sent Friday night, Saybrook Master Paul Hudak and Dean Paul McKinley told Saybrugians that a student has come forward and admitted to entering the suites of other students while they were in bed early Thursday morning.

Though Hudak and McKinley did not say why the student had entered the suites, based on the intruder’s explanation, they said the event was an “isolated incident.”

“This student, in examining his behavior, showed deep regret and remorse for his actions, and great sensitivity toward the students whose rooms he entered,” McKinley and Hudak wrote.

They added that the student is working with Yale Police and the college to “restore a sense of security” to Saybrook.

The student was able to enter at least one suite because the door had been propped open by a hanger. He was then able to enter students’ bedrooms — Saybrook does not have locks on individual doors.

The University approved campuswide installation of bedroom locks in 2008, after a spate of petty thefts the previous year, but has yet to install the locks in all 12 colleges; Davenport, Pierson, Saybrook, Timothy Dwight and Trumbull colleges’ installations are all currently unscheduled.