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BEAU (golden retriever)

Owner: Alexa Stewart-Reid ’12

Why he’s WEEKEND: Beau is Pi Phi’s favorite golden retriever. He’s clean, happy and oh so adorable. Plus he loves the Ramones. We think.

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ARCHIBALD (basic snake)

Owner: Jerry Lieblich ’11

Why he’s WEEKEND: Like his owner, this pet snake is one badass Son of Orpheus & Bacchus.

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LILY & WILBUR (awesome cats)

Owners: Maddie Haddon ’12, Victoria Rogers ’12 and Haley Malchione ’12

Why they’re WEEKEND: This right here folks is the reason you move off campus. These two fuzzballs bring enough joy and mirth to High Street to earn sainthood for the whole damn block.

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XENA (Maine coon)

Owners: Isabel Chafkin ’11 & J—y D—f ’11

Why she’s WEEKEND: Maine coon cat got style. You don’t want to cross this 18 pounder or else you’ll get a raw paw to the face. Think again, punk.

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PUCE (Chihuahua)

Owner: Justine Kolata ’12


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LEWIS (rabbit)

Owners: Looking Glass Senior Society

Why he’s WEEKEND: Did you see who owns him?