Puppy love at Yale Law? The Lillian Goldman Library is home to some surprising collections, from comic books to childrens’ books to, somewhat famously, Supreme Court bobblehead dolls. But contrary to a report posted today on the legal blog Above the Law, there’s no catalog listing for a puppy at the law school’s library.

The report claims that students at Yale Law School are free to check out a brown, 21-pound border terrier mix named Monty — short for General Montgomery — for 30-minute intervals when they’re seeking stress relief or a little play time. But the pup’s owner, access services librarian Julian Aiken, wrote in an e-mail to the News that the General wouldn’t be available for checkout any time soon.

“The idea of circulating a dog at the Yale Law Library is one that has been humorously kicked around,” Aiken wrote. “I’m not quite sure where Above the Law got its information from, but we have not actually proceeded with circulating Monty.”