He has a way with words: Karl Rove’s speech at the Yale Political Union Tuesday night was replete with some real gems, including the following …

On the many uninsured Americans who are not legal citizens:

“I’m pro-immigration, but I don’t think we should pick up the cost for illegal aliens.”

On his belief that health insurance groups should be able to form across state lines:

“Let all the left-handed orthodontists who are Lutherans group together!”

On the need for medical liability reform in America:

“We have an issue in health care, but we should have solved it in a bipartisan way.”

On Obama’s response to Republican calls for liability reform:

“This was a stick in the eye of Republicans … a disingenuous and dishonest thing.”

On the bill’s effect:

“[Obama says] we’re not going to add a dime to the deficits, and he’s right — we’re going to add trillions of dollars in deficits.”

On the rhetoric surrounding the bill:

“God. It sounded good.”

On college:

“College is a great incubator of political leadership and political spirit. It’s a useful venue for candidates to prepare for political activity to be undertaken.”

On the YPU Tory Party:

“I hope you all become investment bankers.”

On investment bankers:

“My problem with investment bankers: They invest like Tories, but they donate like Leftists.”