Last week, we couldn’t wait for the dining halls to open. This week, they opened but were different than we remembered.

Saturday morning saw students banging on the doors to be let in for brunch, only to be told to return at 11:30. The hours had changed, as they have at Durfee’s this month.

It’s not just that we can’t get in. Rather than contain tomatoes and lettuce, the salad bar has moved towards large pre-prepared dishes. There are fewer cold cuts on the sandwich bar and fewer condiments, too.

These changes are only made more frustrating by the lack of notice. There was no e-mail, no table tent, no Yale Dining website announcement (those were about farm tours and reusable mugs). Indeed, even the Trumbull master came to brunch at 11 and found the doors closed. If she had gone to Pierson, she would have found them open, as workers there weren’t told of the new hours. On Sunday, students came to their dining halls to be directed to Old Campus for a barely advertised Fall Festival. Many of us eat all our meals in Yale’s dining halls. We should at least be told where and when we can eat.