A. President: John Wolff ’11

Wolff, a senior in Calhoun, is responsible for coordinating the activities of the board and ensuring the smooth functioning of all departments of the DRAMAT. Essentially, he runs shit. An avid thespian in high school, with a talent for set construction and carpentry, Wolff naturally gravitated towards the DRAMAT. You may remember him as Howie Newsome, the milkman in his 8th grade production of “Our Town,” where he gained extensive and in depth experience with pantomime farm animals.

B. Vice President: Miles Jacoby ’11

Jacoby is a Branford theater studies major and hip hop dancing extraordinaire. He is currently responsible for fundraising, assisting the President, and schmoozing with alumni. He became involved with the DRAMAT as a freshman because the “girls were cute and [he] loved musicals,” he said. This still holds true. Last spring he directed his first show, “Pippin,” and is looking forward to the fall main stage production, “RENT.”

C. Treasurer: Laura Vrana ’11

A senior in Davenport, Laura has a glamorous stage name, adopting “Vrana” as her new last name for college (the original is long and Czechoslovakian). Responsible for the DRAMAT’s finances, taxes, and other functions outside of my comprehension, she’s has come quite far from her childhood days of playing on the Seaside Heights boardwalk.

D. Production Officer: Rachel London ’12

This Trumbull junior, while physically incapable of tanning, descends from actual pirates of the Caribbean. As if that weren’t badass enough, London is responsible for communication between the DRAMAT and the Drama School, as well as ensuring that shows are carried out safely and efficiently. London is thrilled to be putting on “Phantomwise,” a student-written work, later in the semester.

E. Spring Mainstage Production: Meredith Davis ’13

A long-time lover of theater and Durfee’s peach rings, this Calhoun sophomore specializes in producing and stage-managing. Her fondest DRAMAT memory, she says, is opening night of “Metamorphosis,” sitting next to director Charlie Polinger, and feeling like, “yeah, we did this.” In terms of future plans, Davis would consider being a cast member on Jersey Shore if she could master Snooki’s pouf.

F. Special Events Coordinator: Lily Lewis-McNeil ’12

As the coordinator of all DRAMAT-related events, including last year’s Alan Cumming visit, Lewis-McNeil is also in charge of throwing wicked DRAMAT parties. She was recruited by Vrana as a freshman, and has loved being a part of the DRAMAT community and meeting new people over the years. Now a junior in Calhoun, she is delighted that Fro Yo World is on the way to the DRAMAT’s rehearsal space.

G. Fall Mainstage Producer: Martha Burson ’11

Burson, self-proclaimed “generic crew head,” has been involved with the DRAMAT ever since assistant stage managing the freshman show. This year, as a Branford senior, she will be producing RENT, which involves organizing auditions, creating a budget and running production meetings.

H. Marketing Director: Lily Lamb-Atkinson ’12

As the Marketing Director and Assistant Marketing Director, Davenport junior Lamb-Atkinson supervises posters, programs and signboards to advertize for all DRAMAT shows. She also secures advertizing contracts, and coordinates with Yale and local media for publicity and reviews of DRAMAT shows.

I. Secretary: Ezekiel Blackwell ’13

While never having done tech work for a show before arriving at Yale, Blackwell soon found a passion for carpentry and set work. Now, as a Branford sophomore, he is in charge of the weekly Theater Bulletin and daily DRAMAT operations.

Correction: Sept. 6, 2010

An earlier version of this article misreported the residential college of Ezekiel Blackwell ’13, Martha Burson ’11 and Miles Jacoby ’11. They are all in Branford, not Berkeley, College.