Spotted … again. Movie star James Franco GRD ’16 was seen at Starbucks on High Street on Wednesday, sporting a beanie, Ray-Ban Wayfarers and a plaid shirt. Julia Roberts was nowhere to be seen.

With Dean of Admissions Jeff Brenzel now doubling as master of Timothy Dwight College, Jeremiah Quinlan ’03 stepped into the position of deputy dean of undergraduate admissions starting Wednesday morning.

Brenzel, meanwhile, and TD Dean John Loge performed — in “Kentucky” accents, no less — an original song called “Stuff That Works” at the college’s back-to-school open house Wednesday night. An excerpt: “Stuff that’s real / Stuff ya feel / the kind of stuff you reach for when you fall.”

First-day-of-school energy? Two students spent a minute Wednesday afternoon throwing a Frisbee around the Law School auditorium at the beginning of Steven Berry’s microeconomics lecture in what seems to have been an attempt to allocate scarce resources like “fun.”

The first lecture of Benjamin Polak’s Game Theory course in SSS 114 Wednesday morning concluded with a succinct lesson: “Yale students are evil gits,” Polak joked, describing the results of a classwide strategy game.

Skunk alert. Calhoun College students have spotted a malodorous black-and-white creature lurking around the courtyard in the last two days. So far, no sprayings have been reported.


1942 To combat German submarine activity in the New Haven harbor, 123 undergraduate sailors sign up with the Coast Guard Auxiliary.