James Franco, your new houseguest? The movie-star-turned-doctoral-candidate visited the home of undergraduates living on Edgewood Avenue on Tuesday morning before stopping by the Atticus Bookstore Café.

Speaking to the 1,344 incoming freshmen who filled Woolsey Hall on Saturday, University President Richard Levin used the Freshman Address to urge the members of the class of 2014 to “stretch themselves” by taking classes and trying extracurricular activities outside their established areas of interest, as well as making friends unlike those they had in high school.

The senior class, meanwhile, mobbed the new Mory’s on Monday night. Those who made it to the proverbial head of the class found a second, much-less-crowded bar in the front of the restaurant.

Later that night, a discharging fire extinguisher at Sigma Phi Epsilon was mistaken by some impressionable freshmen for tear gas.

With Camp Yale festivities in full force, JE Master Penelope Laurans e-mailed the college Saturday remarking that the previous night in the courtyard “sounded rather like one of Jay Gatsby’s parties” and while she sympathized with making the most of the first weekend back, she “wouldn’t necessarily wish the debauched climate of the 1920s to be mimicked in the [JE] courtyard.”

A bomb scare at 52 Howe St., home to the YMCA and West Village Apartments, caused police to shut down several blocks during rush hour on Tuesday, as well as evacuate people in the buildings and nearby houses and shops. The New Haven Register reported that no bomb was found, and the call was traced to a nearby pay phone.

In opposition to the suspension of the residential college seminar program, Ali Weiner ’11 started a petition late Tuesday asking Dean Mary Miller to continue offering seminars during the program’s review. As of press time, the petition had 13 signatures.

To escape Tuesday’s scorching heat, three Trumbull juniors spent the night in the college’s buttery, which is air-conditioned.

But a breeze is on the way. The National Hurricane Center predicts a 20 to 30 percent probability that Hurricane Earl will bring rain and winds with at least the intensity of a tropical storm to the region by late Friday or early Saturday.


1942 The Yale War Bond Drive nets $6,545.20 after running a war bond booth for one month.