Yalies fed up with prying employers and nosy parents on Facebook might now have a fix: CollegeOnly.

According to an article published in the Boston Herald on Monday, this latest social networking site only issues accounts to those with college e-mails and prevents potential employers, parents and the greater public from accessing profiles.

Josh Weinstein, the company’s founder told the Herald that he wanted to recreate the “awesomeness” of Facebook while accommodating college students who do not feel comfortable sharing photos and status updates with their parents and employers.

“You don’t necessarily go out to parties with your parents and employers,” Weinstein said in an interview with the Herald.

Launched last week, CollegeOnly is restricted to students at Yale, Cornell and Princeton, but the company’s investors already include Facebook investor Peter Thiel and Softbank, a private equity group based in Newton.

Weinstein, a 2009 Princeton graduate, also founded the wildly popular GoodCrush, an online dating network, and RandomDorm, an online video chat Web site. Both sites have since been shut down.