timelineMory’s ups and downs

December 2008

Mory’s announces a temporary closure, citing a declining endowment and revenues. The Board of Governors is not sure when it will reopen.

March 2009

Mory’s business plan nears completion and the organization hires an architecture firm, Gregg Wies & Gardner.

April 2009

Renovations begin at Mory’s. The furniture and pictures are removed from the building so the walls can be painted, the wallpaper can be redone and the electrical system can be upgraded.

May 2009

Mory’s reduces the prices for membership.

June 2009

The Board of Zoning Appeals approves plans for Mory’s expansion.

August 2009

With fundraising lagging, Mory’s renovations are on hold.

January 2010

Renovations resume.

August 2010