Blue Book addicts can expect to be able to browse course listings online starting this coming Thursday, an assistant in the Registrar’s Office said Friday. But first, the online system will undergo some technical changes.

University Registrar Jill Carlton confirmed that she expects her office to post new course listings for the fall semester on the Online Course Information system in the middle of the month, as was the case last year, but she added that the Registrar’s Office is overhauling Yale student systems, including the Student Information System and OCI, this weekend.

The upgrade started at 5 p.m. this past Thursday and is scheduled to continue until Monday afternoon. Affected student systems will not be available during that time, meaning students seeking access to grades or financial aid information in SIS will have to wait — as will those eager to bluebook for the coming semester.

The new OCI system will draw on technology in use by other Yale College offices, Carlton said.

“[We] are implementing a new data import process from Course Information System that the Yale College Publications Office is now using,” she said in an e-mail Tuesday.

In an effort to save paper and money, this spring was the first time students had to request to receive hard copies of the Blue Book, which itself is being redesigned to look more like the rest of the University’s publications.