His name is Yale Fan, but he is headed to Harvard in the fall.

According to The Harvard Crimson’s Flyby blog, incoming Cantab freshman Fan — a top science researcher from Oregon — was accepted to Harvard, Princeton and Yale earlier this year but ultimately picked Harvard.

Harvard offered a “compromise” between the strong mathematics and physics program at Princeton and the wide extra-curricular offerings at Yale, Fan told 06520, the Yale Alumni Magazine blog, which first reported the story late last month.

“I don’t think my name is that interesting,” Fan said in an interview with the Flyby blog, explaining that “Yale” is simply a phonetic adaptation of his Chinese name, “Ye.”

While Fan may face a few questions when he officially joins Harvard’s class of 2014 in the fall, he has at least solved one major dilemma: He will be avoiding The Game.

“I wouldn’t know where to sit,” he said.