As if being a newly named college Master is not enough, Dean of Admissions Jeffery Brenzel had also hoped to be Class Day speaker instead of Bill Clinton LAW ’73, he wrote in a piece published Saturday by the Huffington Post. Read below for an excerpt of what Brenzel would have said to the class of 2010 — the first class that he admitted as dean of admissions.

You still think of yourselves as the heart and soul of the college, the jewel in the crown, the senior class. It is, in fact, hard to stand here in the sun and the radiating satisfactions of this wonderful day, and imagine the campus without you.

I hope you will not find this inevitable departure to be sad or disturbing: you can expect it every time you embark on new work or migrate to new surroundings. In addition, your leaving here is necessary to the ceaseless, cascading renewal of our institutional and community life, a river that never pauses in its rush to the sea. So as your bark sails on the tide, we are pleased to see you at the helm, confidently scanning the horizon, eager for what lies ahead.