As the West Haven site of Yale’s West Campus continues to grow, administrators are also working to expand the campus’s presence on the Web.

A West Campus development team today launched a new website aimed at strengthening the connection between the West Campus and Yale’s main campus. The site, designed by Lisa Maloney, operations manager for the West Campus, and Nicholas Appleby, a computational design specialist for Yale Printing and Publishing Services, features 42 half-minute video vignettes (and will soon feature an additional eight) meant to allow site users to become familiar with the faces behind the scientific research and art conservation taking place on the West Campus.

Maloney said she hopes the new website will function as a faculty recruitment tool, and that it will better reflect the growing community and inter-departmental collaboration on the West Campus than did the old West Campus Tomorrow development site. The new design, Maloney said, is a hybrid of the old West Campus site and the old Yale Law School website. While Maloney said she is still waiting for specific cost information, she estimated that the redesign cost approximately $1,500.