Have you ever spent an entire day shoe-shopping, but couldn’t find anything you were in love with? Have you ever picked up a pump and thought, “This would be fabulous if the heel were bigger or the leather were metallic”?

I think I might have found a way to both pass time and solve these life crises: Shoes of Prey — an online shoe supplier where the customer is the designer.

Once you make an account, you can choose from six different starting designs — think ballet flats, wedges, and gladiator heels. From there, you can alter the structure of the toe or heel, add embellishments and, most importantly, choose the fabric. That step is by far the most fun. Should it be light grey Italian silk or purple-gold snakeskin … or both? You decide! The cost of the final product could be anywhere between $150 and $350. Thank God there’s a money-back guarantee (just in case you decide shoe design isn’t your calling).

We can thank Jodie Fox — founder of Shoes of Prey — and her team for the opportunity to test out our design skills. She founded the site to help shoppers avoid the deep disappointment of the unfruitful (and all too frequent) quest for the perfect shoe.

She succeeded. My time on Shoes of Prey has been far too fruitful. I’ve already made about six designs and now face the age-old dilemma of loving everything in my cart but knowing I shouldn’t buy it all. Decisions, decisions.