Updated: April 27, 2:05 p.m. A mugger was shot by his intended victim in Wooster Square around 1 p.m. Monday, police said.

New Haven Police spokesman Joe Avery said the gunshot wound was to the man’s chest and is not life-threatening.

Police on Tuesday identified the shooting victim as Hector Santiago, 40, of New Haven, and said he had been admitted to an area hospital for his injuries. The person suspected of shooting Santiago was identified as William Kiselewsky, 65, of Southbury, Conn.

Avery said Kiselewsky, who has a license to carry a handgun, stayed behind to call 911 after the incident. He was brought to the police department for questioning and later released.

Avery said Monday that police found a knife at the scene but could not yet tie the weapon to the shooting. He added in a press release Tuesday that the investigation is ongoing.

Board of Aldermen President Carl Goldfield said he views the incident differently from other recent shootings in the city because the gunman was licensed to carry.

“The gun in this instance was owned by a responsible person who was using it for personal protection,” Goldfield said.