Everybody is loving J. Crew right now, even Oprah. The all-American brand has transformed in the last five years under the guidance of creative director Jenna Lyons, who has managed to keep that J. Crew cool prep factor while elevating the brand to the cutting edge of fashion.

Lyons appeared yesterday on Oprah yesterday and revealed her daily routine and how it felt to see the Michelle Obama in J. Crew for the first time on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno before the election. Undoubtedly, J. Crew is now synonymous with the First Lady’s style, and she has contributed to the increased attention to the brand. Last year, the company made $40 million in profit.

Lyons is also an integral part to the success of the brand, as she has become more and more a public face of J. Crew, and this appearance on Oprah only adds to her embodiment of the company. It is unusual for such a large national retailer to have this kind of public face, which arguably only Gap compares to with their creative director Patrick Robinson. Lyons even has “Jenna’s Picks,” selections of her favorite pieces each season on the website and in the catalogue.

Oprah herself is a huge fan of J. Crew, having profiled them in her magazine and praised them on the show. It is a testament to the success of the brand that both Oprah’s audiences and fashion week audiences can fall in love with their clothes.

If the success of the Grey Gardens inspired Fall 2010 runway show shows anything, it’s that J. Crew will continue its winning streak of inspired yet attainable fashion. So attainable, in fact, you can get it on here on Broadway.