• Discussion section. Sometimes it’s beneficial, sometimes it’s a waste of time — and almost always, it’s required. But that might change soon, as Grad School Dean John Butler takes a closer look at the ritual of sections in Yale College.
  • The rain that hit campus this semester may have been a downer for cooped-up Yalies, but for Connecticut’s oyster industry, which has a long history in New Haven, it meant nearly a month of work lost. “It’s been a devastating year for the oyster and clam industry,” says one oyster company owner.
  • Part of a matched set: When hiring, the University makes an effort to also find a place at Yale for professors’ spouses. As a result, many husbands and wives can both call Yale home, something that some married professors said strengthens their relationship. Read the full feature in tomorrow’s News.

    High of 54 degrees, low of 44, rain.


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