Once again, rounding up candidates for this week’s Blindest Date was as difficult as ever. If there is one thing scene has learned from organizing three dating spreads so far, it’s that you cannot expect anything from anyone, and you definitely cannot control what your ultimate list of contenders will look like. So yes, as you might have noticed, we have three seniors and two freshmen this week. Make it what you will: a mentor-pupil-creepy date between the seasoned grad-to-be and the Yale novice, or maybe you can give two lucky seniors one last chance to enjoy fine New Haven dining. Read these gals’ profiles, go to the scene blog and vote, vote, vote! The two highest scorers will win a chance to make something happen … and scene hopes it’s love.

Kendra Dawsey ’13

MAJOR: Environmental studies

INTERESTS: Theater, comedy radio and community service

RANDOM FACT: “Beyonce once gave my family a candy basket.”

LOOKING FOR: Sense of humor and knowledge of all of the indigenous tree species of the former Soviet Union.

Ryan McCarthy ’10

MAJOR: Religious studies

INTERESTS: Mostly Yale Women’s Crew, Sappho blogger. “I sort of do little things here and there.”

RANDOM FACT: “I have a tattoo of my zodiac sign (Cancer) on my back.”

LOOKING FOR: “First, someone who appreciates my sense of humor, because I’m a huge clown; someone who’s just laid back enough to have a good time doing a variety of things, especially just lying around because I do a lot of that.”

Elizabeth Freeburg ’13

MAJOR: Linguistics

INTERESTS: Community health educators, Fierce Advocates and Queer Peers

RANDOM FACT: “I once broke my arm in a game of Red Light, Green Light.”

LOOKING FOR: “Someone who is funny, who surprises me and who will call me on my bullshit.”

Rachel Schiff ’10


INTERESTS: “Everything gay, LGBT Coop, Trans Week, Sappho you name it, I’m in it.”

RANDOM FACT: “If I could be one animal, I’d be a dolphin. And I pole dance for fun.”

LOOKING FOR: “Something fun, casual and no strings attached. I have a sweetie, though.”

Edith Sangueza ’10

MAJOR: History of Art and Ethnicity, Race and Migration

INTERESTS: “I am a Yale Art Gallery guide, I work at the Women’s Center, and I’m in Oye!”

RANDOM FACT: “When I was 10, I was bitten by a monkey, and I’ve been afraid of them ever since.”

LOOKING FOR: “Someone cuddly, I think that’s important.”