Thursday’s bone marrow drive in Commons drew 911 participants. The drive, led by the football and women’s hockey teams, sought donors for cancer patients worldwide, especially women’s hockey forward Mandi Schwartz ’11, who found out Wednesday that her acute myeloid leukemia, which was in remission, has returned. Schwartz is still searching for a perfect match.

After last year’s hiatus, Jell-O wrestling will return for Pierson Day on Saturday. The legendary contest was suspended last year because the company that made and stored the Jell-O pit went out of business.

Steeling for finals, students entering Bass Library were serenaded with wishes of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” from a Big Mouth Billy Bass singing fish set up outside a library entrance Thursday.

TD held a ‘Tribute to T’ during dinner Thursday. An open mic gave students the opportunity to share anecdotes about Robert Thompson, who, after 32 years, is the longest-serving residential college master. He is stepping down at the end of this school year.

About 30 undergraduates named Elizabeth showed up in cocktail attire at the Elizabethan Club on Thursday after receiving printed invitations to a “royal gala” for the 84th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. After several minutes of general confusion, they realized they had fallen for a Pundits prank. “I felt really humiliated at first,” Elizabeth Crystal ’13 said.

But true to their tradition of graciousness, the Lizzie members invited the Elizabeths to stay for tea, and as promised in the invitation, Justin Zaremby ’03 GRD ’07 LAW ’10 gave a talk titled “Name and Identity: Embracing Royalty” on the importance of a name.

A sustainable swine will meet its delicious demise at the Yale Farm Pig Roast this afternoon. The event will be preceded by a non-combustible, anti-pollution parade from the New Haven Green, featuring giant puppets, the Yale Precision Marching Band, Korean drummers and more.

The News’ headquarters was besieged shortly after midnight Friday by an angry mob of Lipstick-bearing Morsels, protesting their last-place rating in the residential college satisfaction poll published Tuesday. Sorry, guys — you were the ones who voted.


1938 A member of the class of 1891 returns to receive his diploma, only to be denied it by the bursar for an outstanding debt. After settling his dues, the student gets his long-awaited diploma, 47 years late.