In case you were not aware, dear reader, there are many things about which you remain tragically uninformed. Virtually all of these things deal with poetry or philosophy.

As ________ (Western thinker) wrote, to live the good life, we must embrace the ________ (noun) of our fellow ________ (noun, pl.), rather than ________ (verb ending in “ing”) in isolation as solitary beasts. This is the essence of philosophy. But in a recent column, ________ (News columnist) ’10 claimed that philosophy is ________ (adjective). That reality is chaos. What nonsense. ________ (noun) is ________ (opposite)! ________ (noun) is ________ (opposite)!

Take a recent campus controversy. Certain students have protested the attendance of ________ (hip-hop group) at ________ (drunken end-of-year catastrophe). Some students have criticized the protesters for disrespecting the hip-hop group’s ________ (number) Amendment rights, while other, more ________ (mental state opposite of “insane”) students have countered that they are doing no such thing.

Regardless of which side is ________ (adjective), this debate reveals philosophy ________ (verb) and even that it and ________ (literary genre) are ________ (unnecessary adverb) one and the same. And it is debates like this that ________ (Western thinker) had in mind when ________ (pronoun — not female) wrote that humans depend on each other for their political ________ (obscure noun).

Politics, then, like ________ (noun) and ________ (noun) and ________ (noun) ________ (extremely long verb) both poetry and philosophy. These together are our most powerful tools for making sense of a twisted experience. They represent ________ (noun), while simultaneously ________ (verb ending in “ing”) us to understand our ________ (deity—not Eastern)-less world where there is no ________ (noun).

But to understand all this, is it necessary to study the ________ (discipline — not a Sc or QR). It is here that the true ________ (noun) of poetry and philosophy can be understood, and to students of ________ (practical subject with real-world benefits), you are wasting your time; your lives will be neither satisfying nor wholly human.

It would be sacrilege to insinuate that the only things worth ________ (verb ending in “ing”) are poetry and philosophy. But as the recent columnists have bandied these topics ________ (preposition), they have unwittingly shown that these subjects are the vital ________ (noun, pl.) of politics. ________ (Western thinker) was right.

Nothing is dead. As my argument elucidates, everything lives on together in the realm of ________ (food). If you don’t agree, come find me and we can talk.