Logan Greer ’11, who is currently in season with the women’s lacrosse team, was also recently named captain of the women’s squash team and will enter the 2010-’11 season as the No. 3 ranked women’s player in the College Squash Association. On the lacrosse field, Greer has six goals and 14 ground balls so far this season for the Bulldogs. Greer gave an e-mail interview with the News on Wednesday to discuss her successes in both sports and what it is like to play two varsity sports at Yale.

Q. How long have you been playing squash and lacrosse? How did you get started playing the two sports?

A. I started playing squash and lacrosse in the sixth grade. I was what you might call a “super-jock”: I played travel soccer, and I ice-skated competitively. My school — the Episcopal Academy [in Newtown Square, Penn.] — had a three-sport athletic requirement in its middle and upper schools. I wanted to learn how to play more sports, so I entered the middle school and decided that I would try out field hockey, squash and lacrosse. I continued playing all three throughout high school.

Q. Were you recruited for both sports?

A. I was recruited to play squash at Yale. However, [squash head coach] Dave Talbott knew that I loved lacrosse and put me in contact with the Yale lacrosse coach, who let me walk on.

Q. What’s it like being a two-sport athlete at Yale? Difficult to handle?

A. Being a two-sport athlete has been difficult to handle, but I suppose that my Yale surroundings have somehow made me able to miraculously juggle millions of engagements. In the fall, I have to manage lacrosse and squash practices; however, as soon as the squash season begins, I practice exclusively with the team, and then, when the squash season ends, I join the lacrosse team.

Q. Do you think it might be different at another school?

A. I doubt that any other school and coaches would allow me the flexibility I have here at Yale. The Yale squash coaches are able to work around my lacrosse practice schedule in the fall and give me private workouts, while [lacrosse head coach] Anne Phillips lets me join the lacrosse team in the middle of their season.

Q. Do you feel more a part of the squash team or the lacrosse team?

A. I am not sure if there is a diplomatic way to answer that question. Dare I say I feel equally a part of both teams?

Q. What were some of your goals headed into this year’s lacrosse season, and what are your goals heading into next year’s squash season?

A. Our collective lacrosse team goal is to make it into the post-season Ivy League Tournament. We have to beat Cornell this Sunday, but I believe we are going to do it. As for the squash team, our goal is to win a national championship. We have a strong class of freshmen joining our program and three returning seniors. Personally, I want to win the intercollegiate national title. I have lost in the semi-finals two years in a row and really think it’s about time I win the whole thing.

Q. Do you think being captain of the squash team will change anything next year as far as preparation goes?

A. I do not think being captain will change a thing.