(Photo: The New York Observer)

For all Yale students who dream of living in New York City this summer or after graduation, an article in yesterday’s New York Observer reveals that the unique and sociable network of true-blue Yalies living and working in the city has set the University apart from its rivals.

The article, which affectionately refers to the Yale students who move to the city as “Yaliens,” discusses how the time Yalies pass on campus teaches them how to be successful without having to act as “careerist” as graduates from schools such as N.Y.U., M.I.T., Stanford and, of course, Harvard.

From the article:

Oh, Yalies: your sense of absurdity; your frank, open expression; your romantic innocence! As graduates of Ivy League colleges prepare en masse to descend on Manhattan for summer internships, it is worth noting the special quirks of the Yalie—the Yalien—a foreign creature characterized by a set of elusive, contradictory traits that separate him from everyone else clawing for power in this city.

The kicker? The author of the article, Leon Neyfakh, graduated from Harvard in 2007 and includes a paragraph describing attending that other school in Cambridge as “going to school at a mall—a place that doesn’t want to admit it’s a mall.”

Correction: April 21, 2010

Whoops! Due to an editing error, we originally attributed that last quote to a Cantab. If only that were the case.