Re: “After rough race, ready to work” (April 16): The Yale College Council election brought to light many issues that needed to be addressed in the coming year. Yet, no candidate said anything about renovating Hendrie Hall — the rehearsal spot for several of Yale’s performing groups — whose dilapidated state was detailed in an article earlier this year (“Funding sought for Hendrie Hall renovation,” Nov. 12).

The list of grievances is long. The building lacks elevator access to upper levels, making it difficult to transport large instruments to the top floors and limiting disabled students’ access to many practice and rehearsal rooms. This problem is compounded given that there are few handicapped accessible rehearsal spaces on campus (especially for large groups). Yale’s disabled students already have enough to grundle about given the inaccessibility of much of our campus; they shouldn’t have to worry about getting to practice rooms.

In addition, there is not enough practice space on campus. If my college is any indication, small practice rooms are often taken. And while the proposed renovations for Hendrie provide for more practice rooms, this renovation won’t happen in the foreseeable future if students — especially those who hold YCC positions — do not push for funding and action by the university.

No campaigns discussed how to raise money for these problems, let alone the problems themselves. Why has a whole portion of Yale undergraduate life been ignored?

Sagar Setru

April 18

The writer is a freshman in Branford College and a section leader of the Yale Precision Marching Band.