“Po-po shut us down.” Police shut down the Now! That’s What I Call Music Dance Party in the Saybrook dining hall early because of overflowing crowds. Unlike the brief interlude that interrupted Crushes and Chaperones last month, Saturday’s dance was not permitted to resume. A computer projector advised students to go to Toad’s instead.

But the music doesn’t stop there. Provost Peter Salovey and his band, the Professors of Bluegrass, will perform at the WYBC Battle of the Bands extravaganza tonight on Becton Plaza, competing to be an opener at Spring Fling.

To see other administrators rocking out, check out the Cross Campus blog for footage of the master and dean of Pierson singing “Bad Romance.” The stunt was staged for a Yale Precision Marching Band’s annual scavenger hunt.

Just when you thought Tap Night was over, junior societies inducted members of the class of 2012 Sunday night. There have been reports of a Yalie dressed up as Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast” and students rolling around in desk chairs on Old Campus.

Other strange sightings: prefrosh. Bulldog Days begins today. Expect a bevy of incoming prospective students for the class of 2014. Almost 1,200 prefrosh are expected.

Hoping the avoid the ritual chaos of host pickup at Commons in past years, this year prefrosh will find their hosts on Old Campus at 5 p.m.

Tonight is “Meatless Monday” in the dining halls, as Yale Dining looks ahead to Earth Day on Thursday. Ardent carnivores can still get their fix in Commons.

Nice try, Princeton. Princeton recently posted a video on its website called “Aha! Princeton,” in which undergrads “discuss their favorite and most surprising academic experiences since arriving on campus.” No one bursts out into song or lays down some sweet guitar riffs on a library table, however.

Both the men’s and women’s ultimate frisbee teams won their respective sectional tournaments over the weekend by beating first-seed Brown. Superfly, the men’s team, won 8–7, and Ramona, the women’s team, won 13–9. Both teams will advance to the New England Regional Tournament in May.


1972 University President Kingman Brewster delivers a speech at an anti-war rally on the New Haven Green, expressing his “distress” over the resumption of American bombing in North Vietnam.