Unrequited love bringing you down? Interested in spicing up your love life? Creative use of dining hall food items can help cure your romantic blues. Aphrodisiacs are foods with properties that can stimulate blood flow to genitals and raise testosterone levels, increasing arousal in both men and women. But what are these magic foods that guarantee to make your significant other willing to try anything?

Honey is full of boron, which may increase testosterone levels in women and — hopefully — their sexual arousal. Honey not only promotes sex drive, but a quick squirt into your target’s tea or coffee is easily accomplished. Garlic, another aphrodisiac that increases blood flow to certain target areas, is an ingredient in many common dining hall dishes. Some other options; bananas, almonds, asparagus, avocado, basil and, of course, chocolate. The triggered change in hormone levels may be just the advantage you need to overcome your romantic target’s resistance.