Re: “Layoffs may strain Payne Whitney”: Laying off employees is a sad reality of this economy and very unfortunate for those who lose their jobs. That is undeniable. But while the layoffs may exacerbate the issue of security at Payne Whitney Gymnasium, it is naive to pretend that security is not already an issue.

Currently, the gym is arguably one of the least “safe” buildings on campus. The Exhibition Pool is the frequent victim of late night break-ins, illustrated in the fact that someone recently broke their foot falling off of a diving board at 2 a.m.. The other day, I played basketball with an employee who admitted that he lets his three friends in the back door so they can play for free. In my four years of eight practices a week, I’ve walked by the unattended front desk or through an open side door too many times to count. Ultimately, the sign on the back door that warns of “video surveillance” can only deter so much.

With fewer attendants manning desks, the gym may become only slightly less safe. But even without layoffs, security remains an issue.

Drew Teer

April 14

The writer is a senior in Morse College and a member of the swimming and diving team.