“Strangely enough, I’d say Prince is one of my [style] icons. Style is definitely about expression, so I admire his level of confidence.”

This is Jahna Halyard, a Davenport sophomore from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina who describes her style as “elegantly trendy.” I’d have to agree.

Jahna was J Crew-poster-child-ing it for the photos Eva took of her outside of Commons. Normally, I would be completely opposed to this. But in this case it really works. I think it’s because Jahna chose to combine pieces that normally wouldn’t be paired together, keeping her from looking like she hopped out of a J Crew mailer. The solid bright color combination of the salmon blazer and mustard skirt that Jahna is rocking so well here is a bit too edgy and innovative for the average J Crew mannequin.

I’m also in love with the ruffle shirt. Finding the perfect ruffle shirt can prove to be quite the obstacle for some, namely Jerry Seinfeld in that episode with the puffy shirt.

However, the small plunging neck line in the front and the way that the ruffles make their way completely around the shirt’s neckline makes the detailing look like a necklace and not like it’s slowly devouring Jahna’s neck. Also, ruffles [or stripes and other designs] that don’t go all the way around the neckline or the entire shirt look cheap. White is also a great springtime/summertime color and very practical.

I feel like I don’t usually pay enough attention to jewelry, so I will now, because I like Jahna’s a lot. With simple outfits, I can certainly understand and sympathize with the feeling that you should wear a lot to compensate for the perceived lack of visual stimulation throughout the rest of the look. But you really shouldn’t. Jahna only wears a pair of simple gold hoops and a matching gold necklace that mesh well with the gold accents on her loafers. Truly, that’s all the accent you need. It’s sweet, it’s delicate, and it keeps the focus on the clothes and on your pretty face.

This is an outfit that emits confidence and class but is springy and playful enough to keep Jahna looking approachable. No raspberry beret, but I still think Prince would be pleased.

I need to come up with better ways to end these things.

Enjoy the weather! Wear shorts!

(Photos by Eva Galvan/Photography Editor)