Today Lady Gaga arrived in Tokyo with a white Birkin bag and a trapezoidal pantsuit. To top it all off, Gaga’s Hermes Birkin bag had the phrase “I love little monster, Tokyo love” sprayed on it in Japanese. Um…with a Sharpie. Oh, and just FYI, a Birkin bag costs at least $5,000, is a major status symbol, and it is nearly impossible to get one. In Lauren Weisberger’s novel Everyone Worth Knowing, one of the characters is on the verge of suicide. Until she finds out she barely has 6 months left on the Birkin wait list. How can you kill yourself when you’re that close?!

Leave it to Gaga to celebrate pop culture and deface it at the same time. She buys the coveted Birkin and jacks it up. Do you think this will become a style trend? Or is it a performance piece?

I can’t wait to write on my couture!