Re: Students object to Spring Fling artist (April 12): I will be boycotting this year’s Spring Fling for a single reason: I am offended. I am offended by each and every artist selected by the Spring Fling Committee. As a Yale student, I believe that my opinion on such matters is something everyone should know, so I am going to tell you, in detail, what about each artist offends me.

I am offended by the choice of MGMT as the headline. How dare Yale book an artist that didn’t cost twice as much as the whole Spring Fling budget? If the students can’t afford to pay the $20 entry fee that she would require, that’s their problem (get a third job, slackers) — as a Yalie, I want Lady Gaga, and I always get what I want! Plus, I hear MGMT opened for some guy named Paul McCartney; I’ve never even heard of that guy, at least Lady Gaga is a timeless American act. This is unacceptable.

The choice of Mike Posner offends me. Have you listened to his music? I can’t believe the Committee would invite a man that sings about falling in love with his “drug dealer girl.” Everyone knows that smoking pot makes you a bad person that runs over little girls on tricycles.

Also, I’m offended by the choice of Matt and Kim. Have you seen the music video for “Lessons Learned”? I hope Matt and Kim don’t bring their little nudist colony to Yale, because nakedness is not tolerable on this campus. In fact, according to the Old Testament, nudity is just plain wrong: “It is a shame and wrong to uncover your nakedness to others” (Exodus 28:42). By inviting Matt and Kim, not only is Yale making the outrageous claim that nudity is OK, but we are also being disturbingly anti-Semitic!

Most of all, I’m offended by the decision to bring the Ying Yang Twins to campus. I mean, seriously — the Ying Yang Twins? No one’s ever heard of them, and they’re like the only rappers in the world that objectify women or say offensive things! The Committee should have booked Ke$ha or Lady Gaga instead, they don’t objectify women at all … in fact, they ARE women. (Who cares if they objectify men? Everyone knows men don’t have feelings.) At the very least, the Committee should have put out a few more surveys before booking a hip-hop act; I’m sure no one at Yale — except those on the Committee — listens to offensive music. I heard Mos Def was an option — he would have been great! And while he may be a homophobic anti-Semite, let’s face it: You can’t please everyone, so you should please the ones that whine loudest.

Avinash Gandhi

April 13

The writer is a senior in Pierson College and the marketing director of the Spring Fling Committee.