Vote for [insert candidate here]! Many students received a campaign plug for Courtney Pannell ’11 that opened with the inspiring line: “Coco is a dear friend of mine, and I have had the privilege of working with her in [insert capacity here].” After receiving “many a smug e-mail” about her gaffe, the sender tried again. YCC voting opens today.

Despite a crowded field, the Yale College Council vice presidential race is friendly, at least between two candidates: Even though Justine Kolata ’12 is running for the spot herself, she appears in a campaign ad for Khai-Hoan Huynh ’12, who is running for the same position. “I have no problem helping out someone else’s campaign,” Kolata said in an e-mail. “There is no reason for there to be unnecessary competition in this election.”

On the eve of the Freshman Olympics, Pierson College Operations Manager Susan Anderson e-mailed Pierson students asking, “Does anyone have the flag?” They didn’t find it, but they won the Games. See story, page 3.

Connecticut Magazine recently named 192 Yale-New Haven Hospital physicians in its 11th annual “Top Doctors” issue.

Tear down this wall. The Pundits staged a violent protest Friday in Commons. Several people rushed to the divider at the back of the dining hall and pounded on it, scattering the sections on wheels at different angles across the floor. Others arrived to subdue the protesters and carry them outside.

But this is not a prank: Table tents recently appeared in the dining halls to advertise a Yale Political Union debate with disgraced South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford. Neither is the resolution for the event a joke: “Trust the Waffle House Rather Than the White House.”

A team of School of Management students won the first-ever Association for Corporate Growth Connecticut Cup title for providing investment strategies to a panel of experienced investors. UConn finished second, and QPac came in third.

No Harkness bells, but wedding bells. A small wedding took place in the Branford courtyard Saturday. Students reported seeing the couple posing for pictures in front of the Master’s house.


1979 Through a YCC-organized boycott to protest an allegedly unsafe Nestle baby formula, student consumption of Nestea Iced Tea, Taster’s Choice Coffee, hot chocolate and other products dropped by 50 percent.