Bombarding the ‘Morse Wall,’ the Pundits staged a violent protest Friday at 12:47 p.m. in Commons dining hall.

Several of the members dressed in ordinary clothes rushed to the divider at the back of the dining hall and began pounding on the wood, scattering the sections on wheels at different angles across the floor. A mob screaming “Tear down the wall!” quickly grew as other Pundits members dressed in white violently policed the insurgents, grabbing arms and carrying students kicking and screaming out of the “Emergency Exit Only” in the back of Commons.

They then proceeded to put the barrier back in place.

“We believe in keeping the classes separate and suppressing communism of all forms,” one participant said.

He said he had noticed an unhealthy number of Morsels in other sections of Commons, and too many non-Morsels behind the divider.

The protest excited a group of high school students visiting from Sunnit Academy Charter School.

“At first I thought he hit them,” said Sunnit student Sharif Stallings.

“Then I noticed it was a demonstration of freedom of speech,” interjected his friend Demitri Stanley.

Five minutes after the main showdown, a straggling insurgent raced through the dining hall screaming, “Freedom!” The white-garbed police quickly caught him and escorted him out.

No members of the dining hall staff became involved in any of the pranksters’ proceedings.