Despite a crowded field, the Yale College Council vice presidential race is friendly, at least between two candidates.

Even though Justine Kolata ’12 is running for the spot herself, she appears in a campaign ad for Khai-Hoan Huynh ’12, who is running for the same position.

Kolata appears in one of a series of photos with shots of Yalies and campus personalities holding signs that say I or we or another noun “got it on with Hoan.”

“I did appear in one of Hoan’s pictures because he is a friend and he asked me to,” Kolata wrote in an e-mail. “I have no problem helping out someone else’s campaign. There is no reason for there to be unnecessary competition in this election.”

Kolata wrote that she posed for the picture when she was unsure what she was running for.

Kolata was set to run for VP but switched to Junior Class Council chair when there was no one running for that position after the original deadline passed. The YCC then asked the sophomore VP candidates, including Kolata, if they would switch to JCC, and Kolata was the only one to do so. But late Wednesday the YCC reopened elections for JCC, and when other students decided to run for chair, Kolata switched back to VP.