“I could see myself being Batman one day,” says Taylor Lasley ’12, a candidate for YCC events director.

But, she is quick to add, she has a ways to go before taking on as much as her favorite superhero does.

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Lasley, who has never been involved in the YCC directly, has experience in a number of leadership positions on campus — sometimes too many, she conceded. Still, she said her greatest contribution to the YCC would be her “people-personness,” “funness” and “hardworkingness.”

Lasley said she is not happy if not busy but sometimes overextends herself and has learned her limits. An American studies major, she is currently a social chair of Kappa Alpha Theta, a Berkeley College master’s aide, a choreographer for Groove Dance Company and a member of the women’s club tennis team. She is also on a hiatus from singing with the a cappella group Shades, she said.

“My greatest flaw as a YCC candidate is that I have a hard time saying no to people. I am prone to over-committing myself,” Lasley said. “That is definitely something I have been working on. I realize the importance now of asking people for help and not being a control freak.”

The project most important to her platform, she said, is bringing a farmers’ market to campus where students could pay cash for fresh produce and crafts for dorm decorating. She said she was also looking to bring out the underground music scene and plan a carnival on Old Campus with inflatables, a cookout and a petting zoo.

Expanding sponsorship for events like Spring Fling by recruiting companies like Red Bull to sponsor the technical aspects, Lasley said, would increase the budget spent on artists. Lasley said she would make expanding corporate sponsorship a goal for future YCC events.

Nnenna Odeluga ’11, chief master’s aide of Berkeley College, described Lasley as “really good in the workplace, friendly and open to hearing suggestions and translating it to the right person.”

Lasley’s slogan is “Work hard. Play hard.”